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About Memorial MRI

Memorial MRI & Diagnostic has led the way in providing comprehensive diagnostic imaging and treatment services using advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. The physicians, management, technologists, and support staff who make up this premier practice are here to facilitate the imaging needs of physicians and healthcare providers in every way we can, and to ensure that every patient receives the highest degree of care and compassion.

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Memorial MRI & Diagnostic  Corporate Office  9434 Katy Fwy • Suite 408Houston, Texas 77055 • Ph: 713-461-3399 • Fax: 713-461-1969

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Installing InteleViewer

Installing InteleViewer

The guide below provides instructions regarding the download and setup of InteleViewer. In order to use InteleViewer you will need a User Name and Password. These can be requested by emailing or contacting your Memorial MRI & Diagnostic marketing representative. Should you require urgent access to InteleViewer, please do not hesitate to email Cassandra Tuttle at ctuttle@memorialdiagnostic.com. Cassandra will be more than happy to assist you with this urgent request.


To Download and Install InteleViewer for Windows Using Internet Explorer

Step 1. Launch Internet Explorer and connect to http://memorialdiagnostic.com

Step 2. From the physicians drop down menu select ProtonPACS. This will redirect you to the IntelePACS login shown on the next screen shot.

Step 3. Log into IntelePACS with the account credentials provided by Memorial MRI & Diagnostic. Please note that when logging in for the first time it may require two login attempts.


Step 4. To begin the installation of Inteleviewer first start by conducting a patient search. From the list of patients, highlight any patient study and click on the Inteleviewer icon shown below to start the download process.

Step 5. Pop ups will need to be allowed as shown below to start the install process.

Step 6. If the download process does not commence immediately, it may be due to Internet Explorer security settings for Internet Zone. Enable the settings shown below and restart the download process.

Step 7. Once properly configured the download process will commence as shown below.

Step 8. Accept Terms and Conditions and click Next for the proceeding prompts.

Step 9. Inteleviewer will begin installing as shown below.

Step 10. Once installed, Inteleviewer will begin loading user preferences.

Step 11. As the final install step, you may be required to allow Inteleviewer to makes changes to your computer as shown below.

Step 12. Once completely installed, Inteleviewer will bring up the patient study intially selected to start the download process.

The download process will also install the Inteleviewer icon as shown below to the computer desktop, which is automatically pointed to URL https://pacs.memorialdiagnostic.com.

Now that the Inteleviewer install process has been completed, you can connect directly to the Memorial MRI & Diagnostic PACS by entering URL https://pacs.memorialdiagnostic.com into your browser. Please note that this is only required if you prefer to use Intelebrowser for viewing patient studies and reports, otherwise launching Inteleviewer from your desktop will accomplish the same thing while providing true diagnostic image viewing quality and greater functionality.

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Susannah L.

Houston, TX

Overall Clean and Quick!

I only came for an X-Ray and I was in and out in 30 minutes!  The staff was well organized and fast.  The facilities were new and upgraded... they gave me good service and did it with a smile!

Brooke S.

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Fast and Easy!

I arrived about 30 minutes early to my appointment and they were still able to get me in right away.  The technician was really sweet and made the process as quick and easy as possible.

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